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Ticketing Info 

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All tickets are sold through A Ticketing site and carry a transaction fee.  Phone sales are not available. Everyone must have a valid ticket to enter

Mesquite Street Live, regardless of age.

Tickets are only sold online!

Refunds And Exchanges



Refunds are only provided if the headlining act cancels the show and does not reschedule. Ticket exchanges are prohibited, no exceptions. If you are unable to attend the show and would like to resell your ticket(s), Tickets are transferable but may only be sold at face value. 

When a show has been cancelled, refunds (including fees) are processed automatically if you purchased online . 

When a show has been postponed, all tickets for the original date are honored. If you are able to attend the rescheduled date, there is nothing for you to do. Simply attend the new date with your original ticket(s) and have a good time!

When a show is postponed and a new date has not been announced, there is a 60 day waiting period before refunds are available. Once the 60 day waiting period expires, refunds are available upon request for the next 30 days.

We strongly encourage you to ONLY purchase tickets from (our exclusive ticketing partner) or the artist’s official website. Ticket purchases from any other third party are not guaranteed to be authentic and subsequently do not guarantee entry. When purchasing outside of our site, you risk receiving counterfeit/duplicate tickets. We do not have relationships with any other ticket vendor so if problems arise, we will not be able to assist or verify your account information. This means you may forfeit money spent and still not gain entry to the event. Please consult our calendar for ticket purchases to our shows . If you have questions/concerns please contact us for guidance – we are happy to help!

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